As a coach Lynsey not only makes your work hard for your goals, but makes you believe in yourself by her own belief in you. By tailoring your work out to your needs she will help you develop your body and your motivation, through dedication, perseverance and an absolute commitment to your goals.” – Graysen

Lynsey has been my coach for nearly three years and has helped me a lot with both my belief in my physical ability and achieving my goals by breaking down skills I struggled with into easy to understand steps. Her knowledge of not just the sport, but also cross training has helped me improve tremendously in areas where I needed to work on strength and she always brings a dynamic and fun element to our sessions.

She’s also incredibly patient and always manages to give you back your self belief when it’s completely left the building by pointing out how much you have already achieved. Lynsey definitely gets you to work hard, without it feeling like work at all.” – Georgie

I have never been someone who enjoyed the gym, or exercising for exercising sake. But as I headed towards 40, carrying a lot of weight and 2 small children, I decided it was time to try something new.

I have been training with Lynsey for just over 6 months and my whole attitude towards exercise has changed. I’ve found a new passion, not just in our sessions, but through the whole week. She is completely supportive and takes the time to explain what we are doing and why; but will totally push me to achieve my goals. She seems to know when I’m ready, more than I do sometimes.

I cannot recommend Lynsey highly enough. She has made me feel stronger and more powerful and helped me love sport and exercise in a way I never thought I would. She has helped me become fitter and I’m learning to love the body she is helping me shape.” – Katie

Lynsey is a master at coaching through example. She will help you set the bar higher than ever and will unlock your potential, all with the calm professionalism and understanding that you want from a personal trainer. Because she is doing it herself.

Lynsey has the skills to teach and dedicate herself to your improvement and to help you reach your goals. As well as the coaching skills, she has the professional integrity to take you beyond what you thought you were capable of and help you to strive for the highest standards. Lynsey is master at creating the right atmosphere for training: the ability to lead as well as the capacity to understand goals and goal-setting.” – Jo